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The decision to develop a Place Plan was taken after a draft Area Planning Framework (APF) for the Woodfield Road area which was paused in April 2017 due to the Council beginning work on a complete review of its City Plan.

The Place Plan avoids momentum and important stakeholder relationships being lost and will ensure local ambitions are considered in the preparation of the City Plan. Its non-statutory status allows flexibility in scoping and delivering projects, engaging with stakeholders, and responding to changes and pressures that are common in areas such as the Harrow Road.

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Protect the area's established
and diverse community


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Address the area's lack
of green space

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Activate vacant properties
on the High Street


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Make streets more friendly
for walking and cycling

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Encourage more variety in
the High Street's activity


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Use the canal to its
full potential

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Encourage more cultural,
creative or leisure activity



Make better use of unloved
or underused spaces

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Support local organisations
and reveal hidden assets


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Improve community wellbeing and
address anti-social behaviour

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Broaden the market's appeal and
make it a community focal point


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Use public art to celebrate
the area's uniqueness

Harrow Road Place Plan spatial approach

Spatial Strategy 0

Maida Hill market has the opportunity to become a true focal point of the High Street.
Better and more actively used, reflecting the areas rich cultural and social identity.

Spatial Strategy 02

It can underpin improvements to the Harrow Road itself.
Bringing economic diversity and social vibrancy and making the high street safer for pedestrians and cyclists will be key.

Spatial Strategy 03

Great Western Road provides a key route to the high street.
Improvements are needed to the public realm here to create a positive arrival.

Spatial Strategy 04

Improvements in these areas help the canal become a better connected.
A place for leisure or culture, with opportunities for improved access and water side frontage.

Spatial Strategy 05

The retail offer of the high street can be reconsidered, concentrated around the market.
Wider clusters of retail activity can be enhanced to provide a complementary offer.

Spatial Strategy 06

Beyond the core retail areas, the reuse of ground floor properties for community uses or business  space could be encouraged.
You can ‘enjoy the gap’ where the typical high street breaks; possibly accommodating new green space linked to...

Spatial Strategy 07

Improved connections between the canal, high street and wider areas - particularly greenspace.

Spatial Strategy 08

These changes can benefit local people and creating complement neighbouring residential and employment areas.

Spatial Strategy 09
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These aspirations and opportunities have been used to inform the
Place Plan's objectives and the specific projects that will deliver them

established community background

You can read more about past and
current projects using the link below.

Future projects are currently being developed
and greater detail will be provided on these shortly.



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