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Developed concept designs

Developed Design proposals for 1) Maida Hill Market, 2) Harrow Road Open Space, and 3) Westbourne Green Open Space (north), build on Concept Designs shared earlier this year:


developed concept design material on all 3 sites

developed concept design material - Maida Hill Market

developed concept design material - Harrow Road Open Space

developed concept design material - Westbourne Green Open Space (north)


Call for ideas: renaming Maida Hill Market, Harrow Road Open Space and Westbourne Green Open Space (north)

Westminster City Council are looking at renaming Maida Hill Market, Harrow Road Open Space and Westbourne Green Open Space (north) and would like to hear your suggestions.

This call for ideas has been suggested by the Community Working Group advising on future plans for the square. Members feel that the current name doesn’t really represent the local community, or usefully describe the space itself.


Please send in suggestions via: 

Website: Use our contact form


Phone: 07929 664557

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Our team are always happy to hear from you, answer any questions and discuss the project in  more detail. Please contact us using the details below:

Website: Use our contact form


Phone: 07929 664557


Information collected through these channels will only be used in relation to this topic and personal information will only be shared with the council's approved suppliers. Click here to find more information about how personal data is processed by the council, and your right of access.

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