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470 Harrow Road is part of the Harrow Road Place Plan, a key part of the Council’s plans for a fairer borough and underlines the commitment to change and improvement in this neighbourhood.

470 is one of the few Council owned properties on the Harrow Road and it has been extensively refurbished to provide a new civic building on the High Street.

The four storey building has a fascinating civic history; housing offices, a drug rehabilitation centre, and at one stage the first council-run LGBTQ+ nightclub in its basement. The next layer to this story will see the building host a social enterprise piloting free and alternative business education to young entrepreneurs.

The building is seen as one part of a complementary set of projects. It sits adjacent to the Elgin estate and the recently refurbished Watson Gardens and will soon be supplemented by further investment in neighbouring areas such as Maida Hill Square.

These projects are designed to complement one another and deliver on a number of core objectives including revitalising the High Street, improving its landscape and increasing socio-economic opportunities for local people.

It is envisioned that young entrepreneurs emerging from 470 will have a positive impact on the wider Harrow Road area. Perhaps helping to refresh Maida Hill Market by taking on a stall or activating a vacant shop unit.

In time, this will reveal the true value and legacy of investment in 470 Harrow Road to be much more than the sum of its parts.

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