Create a 21st century high street Maida Hill Market Vision

WCC have commissioned Breeze Landscape Architects and Citizen Architects to co-produce a holistic vision for the Maida Hill Market area with local people.

The vision will be accompanied by a realistic delivery strategy, identifying short, medium and long term projects, that realise the Place Plan ambition to establish Maida Hill Market as a key focal point within the community.

Projects will consider the various threads of work needed to bring vitality and life to the area. These will include public realm enhancements, the need for community infrastructure and more diverse activity, the economic performance of the market itself, transport and movement improvements, policy considerations and public health opportunities.

This piece of work will be developed through close collaboration with local people. This will include holding a number of community engagement workshops and establishing a Working Group.

The engagement will not seek to repeat conversations that have taken place in the past, but to build upon this knowledge and engage specifically about the future of both the market and surrounding spaces and buildings.

We will kick-start this work by holding two public engagement sessions in September which will provide an opportunity for interested residents, stakeholders and those with a strong interest in the project to sign up to join the Working Group.


September Engagement Sessions

Saturday 14th September at Paddington Jam (14.00 – 18.00)

Wednesday 18th September at Maida Hill Market (16.00 – 19.00)
With dominoes, entertainment and refreshments organised by Community 4 All

Saturday 28th September at Maida Hill Market (13.00 – 16.00)
With a family fun day organised by Happy Lizzy Events

More information on the events happening at Maida Hill Market 

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